International Relations in GAU

International Relations in GAU

GAU’s International Relations Office takes on the challenges of integration, and taking University’s strategy into account, aims to appeal to wider regional and global education sectors. This, in turn, will help raise awareness and promote the successful existence of its educational and scientific products within their relevant product markets.

Joint academic programs with international universities, international academic personnel’s utter involvement and best practices of academic program creation all let GAU uphold the educational standards that correspond with the national, regional and global tendencies, and ensure professional development, evaluation and education quality.

The International Relations Office ensures the international mobility of students, the academic and administrative personnel, and helps attract prospective international students. Through GAU’s great efforts, each year, more and more partnerships are formed with prestigious European and American universities and organizations. Cooperating with leading foreign universities and scientific centers increases the chances of receiving international scientific grants, and helps engage foreign professors in University research activities. These connections also provide the university with an opportunity to organize important international conferences.

Because of its unique Georgian American foundation, GAU effectively uses the concept of globalization, which stipulates modern education without borders. Thus, with its “bipolar possibilities”, GAU gives the possibility to better understand different cultures, educational and intellectual areas.

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